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May 13, 2019

  • Selamat Berpuasa from us at Fruiti King!

    Ending your fasting days with Fruiti King’s real fruit ice cream at our outlets today! The best pairing to get your body ready for delicious food after a long day of fasting!

    The fruity sweetness of Cempedak, Durian, Musang King, Papaya and Soursop to rejuvenate your body, and let the icy coldness cool your body down […]

  • Fruiti King is turning 1!

    We just turned 1 this year! It was an amazing year thus far,  a memorable journey for us till today, and we appreciate your tremendous support so far. So enjoy a treat from us, for every purchase of any Fruiti King, guilt-free, icy cool premium Ice Creams, one more will be given for free! Only […]