At Fruiti King, we seek to elevate the experience of icy real fruit desserts.

Fruiti King is the leader of artisanal-level ice cream crafted from the finest mélanges of exotic real fruit pulps including durian, cempedak, mango and soursop. Taking cue from the hot and humid weather typical of a tropical country that offers exotic tastes found nowhere else on the globe, we came up with ice cream that’s unlike any other – not only rich and scrumptious but faithful!

Our methodology is one of old-meets-new: painstakingly sourced from only the best of Asian suppliers for our ingredients, which we then use a secret cutting-edge preservation method to ensure the unique tastes of these exotic fruits stay fresh. Being fans of good ice cream and fresh fruit ourselves, we’ve spared no expense in manufacturing only the best, utilizing a single, dedicated production line.

Fruiti King’s story began in the quaint town of Ipoh, where the homemade ice cream popsicle – known in local parlance as “ais krim potong” – was first sampled. It was much unlike commercially available ice creams widely available in convenience stores and supermarkets in two distinct ways: One, this ice cream was only available at a tiny sundry shop reminiscent of colonial times. Two, it redefined the local ice cream arena. It wasn’t like eating flavoured ice cream; it was like eating the fruit itself, except it was ice-cold with all of its abundant natural taste present.

This culminated in our foray into the world of desserts by Max Teh, a self-confessed globe-trotting foodie. Max knew that there was something wholesome in the ice-cream and the way it was made without any flavouring and this ‘good thing’ needs to be shared with the world at large. Believing that if there’s one thing all Malaysians hold close to their heart is the local cuisine, he then embarked on his vision of creating a Malaysian made icy dessert brand under the new brand of FruitiKing to make it the quintessential Malaysian icy dessert.

Founder & Chief Evangelist

30 years as a globe-trotting self-confessed foodie and over 25 years of experience as a venture capitalist and business builder

Vice President - Production

Over 25 years of experience in F&B manufacturing, previously worked in MNCs such as Nestle and Monin

Sales and Operations Manager

Over 20 years of broad experience in sales, operations and marketing, particularly in the FMCG

Operations & Sales Support Manager

Extensive experience in operations, marketing and sales support

B2B Sales Manager - East Malaysia

Seasoned sales and marketing manager with many years of experience selling food and related products