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6, July 2018 – Do you agree that there are tons of durian flavoured Malaysian food like ice cream, cakes or drinks in the market? This is because durian is the King of Fruits! One of the first few things tourists do when they visit Malaysia is to always feast on durian with their friends and family.

Since young, there is a nursery rhyme about delicious Malaysian fruits, and we feel passionate and proud of our fruits in Malaysia. Hence,  Fruiti King ice cream only source from the best Asian suppliers for their ingredients to ensure the unique tastes of these exotic fruits.

Fruiti King started in April this year, and they have gained attention from the public. There are currently three outlets in Malaysia which located at Sunway Pyramid, Lot 10, and KLIA2. Fruiti King is also planning to export their ice cream to China and Hong Kong.

You can taste Fruiti King’s claim as 100% real fruit ice cream is true. You can taste the freshness and fibre of the real fruit pulps in every bite of the ice cream,. Thanks to Fruiti King, you can have the sensation of eating a fruit and having an ice cream at the same time.

If you happen to visit their store, you should taste their artisanal level ice cream crafted from the finest mélanges of exotic real fruit pulps including Musang King, Durian(D24), Cempedak, Mango and Soursop. The management said there will be 4 new additional fruits like Papaya, Honey Dew, Pineapple and Dragon Fruit  in their ice cream production in a few week time. Non-durian lovers are able to enjoy these new fruit ice creams.


They are currently selling four different ice cream products, our nostalgic childhood potong premium, gelato bar, cup and scoops. If you want to experience the original and nostalgic ice cream, you should go for their potong premium ice cream. Ordering a gelato bar has an intense and more flavourful and cleaner taste. The cup and cone have always been the most convenient choice, especially if you’re enjoying a nice day at the mall or want to cool down on a hot day. Other than that, you can also get a single scoop ice cream with waffle. If you have any friends from overseas who wishes to try durian, get them a Fruiti King ice cream and maybe they will start to love the taste of our King of Fruits!




从小,我们就有个童谣赞颂着本地水果的美好,而Fruiti King创办初衷也是出自对本地水果的热爱与骄傲,因此在口味的选择上坚持以马来西亚极具特色的水果为主,并且绝不接受任何进口的原料或制作,势必要以Buatan Malaysia引以为傲。创办至今仅有半年的Fruiti King,已在本地颇具名气。目前有三家专卖店设于双威金字塔购物中心(Sunway Pyramid)、KLIA 2及乐天广场(Lot 10)十月胡同里的临时快闪店(Pop-up Store)。未来还将出口至香港及中国。


Fruiti King打着Real Fruit Ice Cream(纯水果冰淇淋)为号召,因此你在店里吃的每一个口味都是100%的全果肉制冰淇淋,每咬一口浓浓的果香就会在你嘴里窜开,而且每一口都可吃到果肉和水果的纤维,让你达到吃冰和吃水果的双重享受。

来到店里,必试的当然就是他们的生招牌口味:猫山王(Musang King)、D24和菠萝蜜,当然还有红毛榴莲和芒果!管路层还透露,在数星期内,将会增加另外四种口味,木瓜、哈密瓜、黄梨和火龙果,让不吃榴莲的人,依然可以大口大口地叹本地水果口味的冰淇淋!

店内所售卖的冰淇淋分为四个不同种类供选择,如充满童年回忆的切块冰淇淋(Potong)、乳制冰淇淋(Bar)、杯子装(Cup)及现挖冰淇淋筒(Scoops)。想要吃最原汁原味、且具有古早味的可选择切块冰淇淋,要口感香滑带有乳香的吃货可选择乳制冰淇淋、杯装与现挖冰淇淋筒口感较为绵密,前者携带方便、后者最为适合拍照上传至社群网站跟亲朋好友炫耀。此外,你还可以将现挖冰淇淋搭在松饼(Waffle)上,当微热的松饼吸收冰淇淋稍微融化后的汁液,吃进嘴里,冰冰、微热,加上浓郁的水果冰淇淋,实在让人很想再来一份。觉得可能带着你的外国朋友吃榴莲怕对方无法接受,那建议你先让他尝尝Fruiti King榴莲冰淇淋,他们可能会因此爱上我们的万果之王。

Source: http://ufood.orientaldaily.com.my/article/250261

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