Fruiti King Sunway Pyramid Flagship Launch

What is the similarity between peppermint ice cream and caramel ice cream?

All these ice cream flavours are famous overseas but however in Malaysia we are famous for our local flavour ice cream such and pandan, cempedak, gula sago and durian ice cream which is made out from the most famous Musang King.

FruitiKing real fruit premium ice cream is purely made out of 100% local fresh fruit. You can choose from 6 fruit ice creams ranging from Musang King, Durian, Cempedak, Soursop, Mango and Sweet Corn.

Founder Max Teh said FruitiKing is made purely out of only fruits without any preservatives, colouring and flavouring. It is crafted using a special fruit preservation method that can maintain the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients if the ice cream is placed under -18 degrees Celsius. This will allow the ice cream to last for a year.

The idea of starting a premium real fruit ice cream brand came to mind in 2016 when I tasted an ‘aiskrim potong’ made from a secret recipe from a small ice cream stall in Ipoh, Perak. The ice cream was so rich, it was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. Being a fruit and ice cream lover, this sparked the inspiration to create a globally recognized icy dessert brand that is uncompromising of natural fruity taste. If the western ice cream manufacturers can make strawberry ice cream so popular across the globe, I don’t see why a Malaysian brand cannot make Musang King, Durian and Cempedak ice creams the next big thing,” said founder and Chief Evangelist Max Teh during his welcome speech at the event.

You can now enjoy FruitKing real fruit ice cream in gelato bars, cups and potong premium. There is a generous amount of fruit pulp that can be found in gelato bars which will give you a better texture and flavour of the ice cream. Because all of the ice cream contains fresh fruits, even though you did not get a chance to eat the real fruit, you can get the exact same taste in the ice cream




創辦人Max Teh 表示,他們的冰淇淋不添加色素、防腐劑和化學味道,且加入100%純果肉,因此是較健康的冰淇淋。創辦人研發出一種能保持水果原有風味,又不需添加防腐劑的秘方,讓冰淇淋能在攝氏-18度的冰箱內,保存長達一年。

Max回想起2016年,當他在霹靂怡保一家小店舖內吃到的Aiskrim Potong,讓他感到十分驚訝,口感猶如在吃天然水果一樣,身為水果及冰淇淋愛好者,他立刻有了想要開設冰淇淋店舖的想法。Max認為,既然外國的草莓口味冰淇淋可以如此受歡迎,那為何我國品質優越的水果不能製成冰淇淋?於是,他開始著手研發本地水果口味的冰淇淋。

Fruitiking”推出三种不同類型的冰淇淋:Potong Premiun、Super Premium Bar和Scoop。負責人表示,三種冰淇淋都含有新鮮果肉,但Super Premium Bar的含果量比Potong Premiun多出一倍。除了可在冰淇淋中看到果肉,在冰淇淋中也混合了攪得非常幼細的果肉,所以即使沒有咬到果肉,但每一口都能嘗到馥郁的水果香氣。

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